Lani Chu and Jeff Wu

For a long time, many of Lani and Jeff's friends and family had never had the opportunity to meet one another. In fact, they rarely, if at all, even saw the two of them together at the same time.

Some of Jeff's friends had even began to doubt Lani's existence. Likewise, Lani's friends started doubting whether or not Jeff really existed.

In reality, it was actually due to busy schedules, different lifestyles and geographical distance that the timing has rarely been right for us to hang out with friends and family at the same time.

Hopefully, a short introduction will help to assure you that we are real!

Was It Love At First Sight? Was It Destiny?

Lani and Jeff first met in 1999 at the University of Hawaii. At first, Lani thought Jeff was Korean, but realized later on that he was actually Chinese. They both eventually discovered that they shared many common interests.

Jeff had a cool collection of movies and music and he was Lani's key to getting free music to listen to and movies to watch. Unfortunately for Jeff... it was not love at first sight; it was the music and the movies. Over time, though, their relationship changed from classmates to friends and they began actively trying to take more and more classes together even though they were majoring in different subjects.

In his senior year at University of Hawaii, Jeff accepted a career opportunity in Portland, Oregon. As a computer science major, he thought he would most likely end up working in California; and although Portland was never on this radar, he was up for the challenge and excited to get to work professionally and finishing his final projects for his BSc degree online. Jeff was granted permission from his professors to finish the remaining coursework on the mainland, and immediately booked a one-way flight out of Honolulu, Hawaii – a place he called home for over 20 years. As he was leaving, Jeff often wondered if he would ever have the change to get to know Lani better.

After Jeff moved to Portland, Lani and Jeff continued to chat via phone conversations, text and instant messaging. It was during this time that Jeff realized Lani had family in Portland and had expressed interest in learning more about the city. Although Lani was born in Portland, she did not know anything about the city as her immediate family relocated she was still a child. In her mind, she thought that it would be nice to visit or even move there someday.

After a few years, Lani graduated and began working in Hawaii. Eventually, she made the decision to move to Portland to persue her career and to see new things. Jeff was very supportive and offered a lot of advice and support. He offered his helping hand in every way he could and once Lani took a hold of it, they have been inseparable ever since.