Lani Chu and Jeff Wu

For a long time, many of Lani and Jeff's friends and family had never had the opportunity to meet one another. In fact, they rarely, if at all, even saw the two of them together at the same time.

Some of Jeff's friends had even began to doubt Lani's existence. Likewise, Lani's friends started doubting whether or not Jeff really existed.

In reality, it was actually due to busy schedules, different lifestyles and geographical distance that the timing has rarely been right for us to hang out with friends and family at the same time.

Hopefully, a short introduction will help to assure you that we are real!

Lani B. Chu

Lani (born November 18th) was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii attending Sacred Hearts Academy, an all-girl Catholic school for 13 years. Because of the amount of time spent at Sacred Hearts, Lani initially wanted to become a nun. However, after transitioning to the University of Hawaii, she changed her mind and pursued a business degree. Lani is currently working a project manager in Portland, Oregon.

Growing up, Lani was just an average student, but in 1999 she was selected by the Horatio Alger Association as one of their national scholars. Not only did this recognition offer a scholarship, but it also gave her a once in a life time experience in Washington D.C. – an all expense paid trip to the nation's capitol along with special access to places not open to the public. Lani also met many sucessful and inspirational people who rose to the top of society in face of adversity. Just to name a few Tom Selleck, Dennis Washington, Wayne Gretzky, Ed McMahon, Clarence Thomas, Barbara Barrett were among a few that were present at our awards ceremony. These inspirational icons are a reminder that any thing is possible when you work hard to pursue the American dream.

Ever since the age of 8, Lani has developed an interest in tennis. Michael Chang, being an Asian American sports icon caught Lani's attention. Lani would try to mimic the shots he make whenever she plays on the courts. Unfortunately, she didn't make any history like Michael. She did hope she will someday meet him and take a nice photo with him. Luckily, in 2004 Michael's foundation organized a cruise in Hawaii and by that time she was working and had some money to participate. A little girl's dream was realized.

After a few years of working in Hawaii, she decided it was time to experience life elsewhere. Hawaii is a great place, but there was always curiosity about life in Oregon. To take care of that curiosity, a one way ticket was purchased and there was no looking back; Lani has been embracing the cold and rain ever since.

In her spare time she enjoys surfing the internet, going to the gym, listening to music, watching movies, playing tennis, cooking, baking and decorating cakes. Unfortunately, she will not be making her own wedding cake. If you would like a cake from Lani feel free to contact her. Lani will make a cake and send it via FEDEX. A picture will be taken before shipping to verify that product has been packed and shipped. She will not provide a warranty on the product once it enters the box. Note: You might consider purchasing extra insurance for this package.